1. The Weather Channel
Forecasts worldwide, doppler radar and satellite maps, weather news, and flight and events information.
http://www.weather.com/ - envolk search results

2. StormWatch @ Weather.org
Global Storm Watch, tropical cyclone, typhoon and hurricane tracking.
http://weather.org/stormwatch.htm - envolk search results

3. The NASA Space Weather Bureau
Forecasts of solar flares and geomagnetic storms, plus daily animations of the sun.
http://www.spaceweather.com - envolk search results

4. Weather View 32
Weather View 32 software for computer based monitoring of many brands of weather stations.
http://www.weatherview32.com/ - envolk search results

5. Freese-Notis Weather - Worldwide Meteorology
Source of weather information for agriculture, aviation, commodities, construction, energy,
forensics, and transportation. NEXRAD radar imagery via InterRAD.

http://www.weather.net/fn/newhoo.weather.html - envolk search results

6. InterRAD - A system by Freese-Notis Weather
InterRAD is both browser and special software accessed system available with NEXRAD images generated by some of the fastest systems ever. Radar pictures can be fully panned and zoomed-in upon with the InterRAD software. Free-trial access is available
http://www.Weather.Net/fn/newhoo.radar.html - envolk search results

7. Freese-Notis Weather
Forensic meteorology and climatological research firm, based in Iowa, providing support for
legal investigations and litigation.

http://www.weather.net/html/forensic.html - envolk search results

8. Weather.Net by Freese-Notis Weather
InterRAD Internet based doppler radar service, GPS based NEXRAD, advanced software since 1994.
http://www.weather.net/fn/dmoz.weather.html - envolk search results

9. Wild Weather
Daily news updates on severe weather phenomena happening around the world. Also
includes original articles, storm chase video, a photo gallery, hurricane tracking, links, weather
cams, and meteorologist profiles.

http://www.wildweather.com/ - envolk search results

10. WeatherQuestions.com
Concise and interesting answers to the most-often asked questions about the weather,
arranged in alphabetical order.

http://www.weatherquestions.com - envolk search results

11. Weather Express
Freeware and shareware for storm tracking and viewing weather data.
http://www.weatherxpress.com/ - envolk search results

12. Mike's Hurricane Tracking
Hurricane tracking information for the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Basins and other basins
in the world. Link to live weather station.

http://www.mpittweather.com/ - envolk search results

13. Hurricane Weather Center
Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico storm updates and preparation guides, historical information
and breaking storm bulletins with storm tracking maps.

http://hurricane.weathercenter.com/ - envolk search results

14. Weather Graphics Technologies
Forecasting products and home of software titles such as Digital Atmosphere and Weathergraphix.
http://www.weathergraphics.com/ - envolk search results

15. Infinity Weather Services
Uses a proprietary forecasting system to forecast day to day weather months and years in
advance. Used for farming, hunting, fishing, weddings, travel, and outdoor events.

http://www.infinityweather.com - envolk search results

16. Weather Source
For historical, real-time weather information, consulting or tailored solutions for challenging
weather problems.

http://weather-source.com - envolk search results

17. Weatherstock Inc.
Weatherstock, Inc. maintains the world's largest collection of weather images, video and
film. Includes images from professional storm chaser Warren Faidley.

http://www.weatherstock.com/ - envolk search results

18. APR Weather
Convective Development's comprehensive site for storm chasers and weather enthusiasts,
includes 'AlertMe' -- downloadable software that warns instantly of warnings, watches and advisories.

http://www.aprweather.com/ - envolk search results

19. Australia Severe Weather
Weather photography with over 4,200 weather photos catalogued, tropical cyclones and
maps, storm chasing, tornado, flood and thunderstorms reports, and weather observations.

http://www.australiasevereweather.com/ - envolk search results

20. Long-Range Weather Forecasts
Long-range weather forecasts from Harris-Mann Climatology, including a U.S. Climate Timeline.
http://www.longrangeweather.com - envolk search results

21. Weather Picture Of The Day
New picture of weather phenomena presented daily, including details, photo gallery, free
website content, free daily picturemail and the chance to submit your own pictures.

http://www.weatherpictureoftheday.com/ - envolk search results

22. Weathenews Marine Services (formerly WNI Oceanroutes)
Weather routing and vessel tracking service, ORION onboard weather information and route
guidance system, POLARIS weather information and fleet management system, Tow
and rig and lightering forecasts, forensic meteorology.

http://www.us.weathernews.com/marine/ - envolk search results

23. Millennium Weather Tropical Page
A unique hurricane forecasting model, with loads of links to other weather sites for satellite
imagery, warnings, research, and analysis.

http://www.millenniumweather.com/tropical/index.html - envolk search results

24. WxUSA Hurricane Weather Hub
Carrying National Weather Service hurricane advisories and links to tracking maps, radar
images, satellite images, forecasts, current conditions and storm history.

http://www.weatherhub.com/Hurricane/ - envolk search results

25. Moreweather.com - Tropical Atlantic Weather Page
Tropical cyclone information for the Atlantic Basin and Caribbean. Uses the official National
Hurricane Center images and text, organized by storm, with a very helpful guide to alternative
sources in case of interruption or when web traffic is heavy.

http://www.moreweather.com/tropics/ - envolk search results

26. Unisys Weather: RCM Radar Images
A wide variety of real time weather maps. This web site contains thousands of weather
related images. As a result, links to these images are grouped by data type, image type and region.

http://weather.unisys.com/radar/rcm.html - envolk search results

27. University of Hawaii Meteorology
Central site for marine weather information, including raw and enhanced satellite images,
tropical weather alerts, forecast models, and weather research.

http://weather.hawaii.edu/ - envolk search results

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