1. Movies.com
Offers news, trailers, reviews, showtimes and tickets, and synopsis summaries for films currently in theaters and new to DVD and video.
http://movies.go.com/ - envolk search results

2. Daredevil Movies
News, downloads, trailers, soundtrack, newsletter, comics, cast details, and links.
http://www.daredevil-movies.com/ - envolk search results

3. Yahoo Movies
Includes movie credits, production notes and a message board.
http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&id=1808436766&cf=info - envolk search results

4. BondMovies.com
Movie profiles, multimedia, statistics and trivia, theme lyrics, character information, and downloads.
http://www.bondmovies.com/ - envolk search results

5. About Comedy and Cult Movies
News and information about movies, TV shows, and actors of the comedy as well as cult variety.
http://comedymovies.about.com/ - envolk search results

6. All Horror Movies
News, reviews, and discussion of horror movies. Also includes movie schedules, forums and director profiles.
http://www.allhorrormovies.com/ - envolk search results

7. MSN Movies: Shawn Ashmore
Biography, filmography and photo galleries.
http://movies.msn.com/celebs/celeb.aspx?c=190001 - envolk search results

8. Film Noir, Suspense and Classic Action Movies
Reviews of classic suspense and action movies by Hitchcock, Mann, and Sturges, plus articles about other classic movies topics.
http://www.suspense-movies.com/ - envolk search results

9. About Romantic Movies
An organized, annotated library of links for romance movies, as well as original articles, movie reviews, movie news, and information on upcoming and new releas es.
http://romanticmovies.about.com - envolk search results

10. The Movie Spoiler
Contains information about the endings of current and upcoming movies.
http://www.themoviespoiler.com/ - envolk search results

11. E-Online: Reviews
News, reviews, and information about recently released and upcoming films, as well as box office statistics.
http://movies.eonline.com/ - envolk search results

12. Kikizo Movies
Movie and DVD news, reviews, previews, features and media.
http://movies.kikizo.com/ - envolk search results

13. Scifimovies
Sections on various themes, from old serials and classic movies to new movies coming to theaters.
http://www.scifimovies.com/ - envolk search results

14. InfiniteCoolness.com - Movies
Provides synopses and related links for various wide-release features.
http://movies.infinitecoolness.com/ - envolk search results

15. Yahoo! Movies
Showtimes, trailers, reviews, articles, interviews, news, and gossip.
http://movies.yahoo.com/ - envolk search results

16. Moviefone
Movie previews, reviews, trailers and local showtimes for current flicks and DVD releases.
http://movies.channel.aol.com/ - envolk search results

17. Horror Movies That Suck
Comprehensive reviews of horror films. Includes site navigation information and links.
http://www.horrormoviesthatsuck.com - envolk search results

18. Running Movies
Synopses of several types of feature, documentary and non-English films featuring running. Sortable by title, availability, reviews, or year.
http://www.runningmovies.com/ - envolk search results

19. Pulpmovies.com
Bringing cult, classic, bad and bizarre films to audiences who should know better. News, reviews and message boards.
http://www.pulpmovies.com/ - envolk search results

20. Welcome to Silent Movies
Information on silent films, silent stars, and the movies of the silent era. Includes news, articles, and links.
http://www.welcometosilentmovies.com/ - envolk search results

21. Reel Movies
Recent film news, reviews, multimedia downloads, and related links.
http://www.reelmoviesonline.com - envolk search results

22. The Movie Spoiler
Contains information about the endings of current and upcoming movies.
http://www.themoviespoiler.com/ - envolk search results

23. Empire Movies
Movie news, photos, trailers, posters and message boards.
http://www.empiremovies.com/ - envolk search results

24. Classic Movies
Collection of rare movie classics.
http://www.classicmovies.com/ - envolk search results

25. KillerMovies.com
Reviews, news, trailers, and discussion forums. User contributions welcome.
http://www.killermovies.com/ - envolk search results

26. Focus on Movies
Synopses of news articles from various sources, with links to the articles. Allows users to add resources.
http://www.focusonmovies.com/ - envolk search results

27. Moviefone
Movie previews, reviews, trailers and local showtimes for current flicks and DVD releases.
http://movies.channel.aol.com/ - envolk search results

28. Internet Movies
Links to current movie trailers.
http://www.internetmovies.com - envolk search results

29. Wholmmovies
Dedicated to films that are not part of the industry. Reviews, filmmaker archives, festival details, announcements, and related links.
http://www.wholmmovies.com/ - envolk search results

30. Syndicate Movies
Specializes in short comedic skits.
http://www.syndicatemovies.com - envolk search results

31. Movies01
Stuff worth watching. An online film community dedicated to making unique and original works in film and video available to a larger audience.
http://www.movies01.com - envolk search results

32. DC Movie Guide
Locations used in movies filmed in Washington DC. Alphabetical listing with pictures, film titles, and descriptions.
http://www.dc-movies.com/ - envolk search results

33. Interstate Amusement
Five indoor theaters and one drive-in theater in Idaho. Includes showtimes and movie details.
http://movies.magicvalley.com/ - envolk search results

34. Inox Movies
Theaters in Pune, Kolkata, Vadodara and Mumbai, India.
http://www.inoxmovies.com/ - envolk search results

35. The Screening Room
Alternative cinema, showing art, foreign, and repertory films. Located in Kingst on.
http://www.moviesinkingston.com/ - envolk search results

36. World of Movies
Entries include film information, reviews, photographs, and credits.
http://www.world-of-movies.com/ - envolk search results

37. Navidot Movie Gateway
Provides a personalized movie database manager with a wishlist and the ability to trade with other users. Film entries includes brief synopses, cast and crew, photographs, and ratings.
http://movies.navidot.com/ - envolk search results

38. Movies Directed By Women
Unofficial organization offers members historical information and statistics on female directors.
http://www.moviesbywomen.com/ - envolk search results

39. Your Movies
Movie session times for films currently screening anywhere in Australia. Comprehensive cinema listings, with full screening times, movie descriptions and links.
http://www.yourmovies.com.au - envolk search results

40. The Girls Guide to Hong Kong Movies
Provides a female centric view of who and what to watch in Hong Kong cinema.
http://girlsguidetohkmovies.com - envolk search results

41. Movies and More Movies
Archived reviews of movies in theaters and on video.
http://www.i-reviewmovies.com - envolk search results

42. His and Her Movie Picks
A married couple rates their favorite 100 movies and also reviews AFI's top 100 movies.
http://www.hisandhermovies.com - envolk search results

43. Magical Movies
Visitors vote on most inspiring movies of all time.
http://www.magical-movies.com/ - envolk search results

44. Movies That Suck
Reviews of mainstream movies that suck, with a humorous twist.
http://www.moviesthatsuck.com - envolk search results

45. Movies Top 20
Lists links to several film sites, with brief descriptions of each.
http://movies.nettop20.com - envolk search results

46. NothingButMovies.com
Film-related resources subdivided by category of interest.
http://www.nothingbutmovies.com - envolk search results

47. Movies Top 20
Lists links to several film sites, with brief descriptions of each.
http://movies.nettop20.com - envolk search results

48. U.S.A. Movies
Categorized by the shooting location with basic information on each movie.
http://www.usa-movies.com/ - envolk search results

49. Waffle Movies
Reviews of independent films as well as big studio pictures that deserve a second chance on video.
http://www.wafflemovies.com/ - envolk search results

50. Mark Reviews Movies
Film reviews and criticism by Mark Dujsik.
http://mark-reviews-movies.tripod.com - envolk search results

51. JLB Movies
Reviews of theatrical and DVD releases, as well as classics.
http://www.jlbmovies.com - envolk search results

52. Flipside Movie Emporium
Reviews and commentary on mainstream and independent films.
http://www.flipsidemovies.com/ - envolk search results

53. Movies Into Film
Reviews and essays by N.P. Thompson.
http://www.moviesintofilm.com/ - envolk search results

54. Movies for Guys
Light-hearted reviews targeting a typical North American male audience.
http://www.moviesforguys.com/ - envolk search results

55. Projections
Reviews and ratings of a variety of films. Sorted by year or alphabetically.
http://www.projections-movies.com/ - envolk search results

56. About-Movies.com
Archive of film reviews sorted by year.
http://www.about-movies.com - envolk search results

57. ReviewedMovies
Ratings and reviews of mainstream and independent films, sortable by category/genre, MPAA rating, and critic rating of films.
http://www.reviewedmovies.com/ - envolk search results

58. Scott's Movie Comments
Archive of one-paragraph reviews by Scott Larson.
http://www.scottsmovies.com/ - envolk search results

59. Ticket Movies
Ratings of films released since 2001. Also includes chat, message boards, and an image gallery.
http://ticketmovies.tripod.com - envolk search results

60. Simon and Matt's Movie Reviews
Reviews sorted by genre, by several contributors. Accepts user review submissions.
http://www.smmovies.netfirms.com/ - envolk search results

61. Magical Movies
Visitors vote on most inspiring movies of all time.
http://www.magical-movies.com/ - envolk search results

62. Millenium Music Homeplace: James Bond Movie Themes & Images
Theme music in MIDI and WAV format and images from all the Bond movies.
http://www.bondmovies.net/ - envolk search results

63. SWMovies.Net
Prequel information, news, rumours, expanded universe information, fan works, and events.
http://www.swmovies.net/ - envolk search results

64. MyMovies
News, reviews, trailers and features like movie mistakes.
http://www.mymovies.net/ - envolk search results

65. Movie Spoilers
Production news and rumors for upcoming projects, top ten lists and polls, as well as capsule reviews of recently released films.
http://www.moviespoilers.net/ - envolk search results

66. Mad About the Movies
Reviews of theatrical releases, DVDs, and soundtracks.
http://www.madaboutthemovies.net - envolk search results

67. Fox Movies
New and current releases of leading film studio 20th Century Fox.
http://www.foxmovies.com/index1.html - envolk search results

68. Elfscript
E-mail discussion of J.R.R. Tolkien's orthographies and scripts, such as Tengwar and Cirth.
http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/elfscript/ - envolk search results

69. Yahoo cinema: Amarcord
Rassegna stampa dedicata al film di Federico Fellini.
http://it.movies.yahoo.com/7/7/19537.html - envolk search results

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