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04/17/2008: Completed the first Helix "Expert System", a powerful elementary intelligence logic assisting in dynamic search. This new system becomes "smarter" by dynamically storing and retrieving search data, and then permanently modifying Helix's behavior on a case-by-case basis in a narrow range of searching activities. The system is designed to function with future "Expert Systems" - as they are implemented.

02/07/2008: The 2nd phase of a 4 phase integration process of envolk’s Helix Database and envolk's Data Processing Core is complete. Phase 2 of envolk's Data Processing Core streamlines the many separate searching algorithms into a single logic function. During testing, search times have dramatically improved by nearly 80% in some cases, and on average 45%. Also, these improved search times have led to a large percentage increase in search traffic, up almost 25000% per day, which in turn provides envolk's advertisers with a better exposure value, and the searching public with faster more accurate results.

05/17/2007: The 1st phase of a 4 phase integration process of envolk’s Helix Database and envolk's Data Processing Core is complete. Phase 1 of envolk's Data Processing Core brings together envolk's leading edge Helix Database and envolk's updated Data Processing Core, which had an implementation error that excluded data segments due to the incorrect use of an array object. The object was accessed directly instead of by dedicated object functions. This has now been updated. Phases 2 - 4 will be implemented in the next quarter of 2007.

03/07/2007: Implementation of envolk's Helix database is complete. envolk's Helix database is one of the world's most complex database projects. Each instance of envolk's Helix is nearly 2000 independent databases controlling more than 2200000 independent database tables. envolk's Helix has a combined maximum index high load efficiency capacity of approximately 2.2X10^(13). With current index loads at 22000000000 or on average 10000 indexes per table, this suggests good growth potential made possible by envolk's "engineered coding automation". Difficult to construct using traditional database implementation and maintenance systems, envolk's Helix is made possible by implementing a proprietary tool set, a one-to-one schema, and a fully automated construction and maintenance program. Table loading is dynamically tested to insure (on average) equal distribution within the 2200000 tables - this provides efficient search mechanics by keeping networked cached results to a minimum and real-time Internet triggered results to a maximum. envolk's Helix database was implemented within 6 months of design specification. envolk expects a seamless transition of Helix to 8 and 16 core processors within the next several years as hardware manufacturers bring them to market. This will again decrease search response times through envolk's continuing effort to provide fast accurate real-time targeted search information.

02/02/2007: Implementation of envolk's Helix database is nearing completion.  So far, all engineering goals have been met or exceeded.  It is expected envolk's Helix database will be among the world's most complex and extensive in speed, power, and potential capacity.  This is due to a heavy reliance on envolk's "engineered coding automation" which propels Helix to the highest in efficiency and performance levels.  Final certification of Helix is expected in late February 2007.  Once Helix is certified, it is expected Helix will be upgradeable for several years due to an oversized potential efficiency capacity.

10/10/2006: envolk completes implementation of database code named "Monte Carlo." Monte Carlo increases envolk's database index to more than 11 billion. Construction of envolk's next generation database, code named "Helix", is underway. Helix is expected to be introduced in early 2007. When it is installed, it is expected Helix will improve on some of Monte Carlo's design features by a factor of 70.

05/16/2006: envolk distributes second freeware software program titled envolk time.  envolk time displays the current date and time in large letters and numbers using digital format.  envolk time is free for personal and commercial use.

05/1/2006: envolk distributes first freeware software program titled envolk clipboard.  envolk clipboard keeps track of the last 20 Windows® system clipboard entries.  Using envolk clipboard, cutting, pasting, and viewing the last 20 clipboard text items is simple.  envolk clipboard is free for personal and commercial use.

02/17/2006: envolk initiates latest database code named "Copenhagen".  Copenhagen incorporates modern high-speed results generation methods along with simplified searching patterns.  The searching patterns utilize a targeted search algorithm which attempts to prevent large - mostly unrelated - result sets.  Copenhagen increases envolk’s searching scope from 1.3 billion to nearly 5.2 billion indexes.  envolk is currently expanding Copenhagen at approximately 375 million indexes per month.  envolk's newly implemented exclusive ordering algorithm improves the relevancy of Copenhagen's result sets by an estimated 76 percent.

11/08/2005: envolk initiates next generation Internet search engine code named "Nathaniel." Nathaniel is engineered from the "ground-up" to provide targeted results using a dual free-flowing database framework coupled with a simplified searching algorithm. Nathaniel increases envolk’s searching index from 132 million to nearly 1.3 billion directly coupled entries.

07/17/2005: envolk is first internet web Search Engine to introduce simultaneous search spelling support for English, French, German, and Italian languages.

06/21/2005: envolk Search Utility is first Search Engine to implement symbolic mathematics evaluation search with detailed step by step Evaluation Proof.

06/19/2005: envolk Search Engine implements symbolic mathematics evaluation search.

03/18/2005: envolk Search Engine begins dynamically updated Headline News service.

03/14/2005: envolk Search Engine certifies database for redefined format engineered for improved targeted results.

02/29/2005: envolk Search Engine upgrades search algorithm to provide consumer with improved (more targeted) results.

02/19/2005: envolk Search Engine upgrades database to include over 11,000,000 websites and over 132,000,000 web pages.

01/24/2005: envolk Internet Search Engine Database initiates service with over 5,000,000 websites and over 12,000,000 web pages.

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